“ Where a man stands with ease


             would be the ideal place for tea to grow”  

— Miss  Xie 

XIE XIE Tea Cultule

Today, the Xie family offers you the very best in tea-drinking experiences, XIE XIE, teas combine the traditions, wisdom and tea-growing techniques of old – XIE XIE only handpick the best parts of our tea plants " the tip and bud tea leaves". No chemicals. No fuss. Just unlimited amounts of love and passion for tea.

Tea Farm Village

“Where a man stands with ease would be the ideal place for tea to grow”  

                                                                                                                                    - Miss Xie 

This tea farm is owned by XIE XIE Tea Company, a specialist who is capable in producing the highland oolong tea. Through a bird’s eye view, endless lush forested mountains and misty clouds surround the plantation. Blessed with ample moisture, this area is capable of producing fertile soils.

XIE XIE Formosa Oolong Tea Plantation, Above 2600m sea level heights with average temperature of 17°c annually, this area is perfect for planting mountainous crops since there is a wide temperature difference between day and night. During winter, all hills are constantly covered with frost, created a perfect environment to grow the best oolong tea.

XIE XIE Traditional Tea Making Philosophy

Throughout the 15 process of tea making, from picking and withering, fixation, rolling to roasting, XIE XIE strictly requires every step to be precise and perfect.

Every harvest, local ladies who work weariless under the sun, step in the field, select leaves with two tip using fingers-tied sharp blades. The plunked leaves were collected to run though a series of strict processes within controlled hours include natural outdoor withering under the sun, indoor withering with the assistance of one large AC unit which able to control temperature and humidity, fixation, and rolling to roasting. Each processed tea leaves resulted in tight and round shape, naturally curling into the shapes of pearls with vivid and freshly green luster.


Respecting nature is our philosophy for running tea farm village, XIE XIE is consistency of sustainable management, carefully attend the coverage of young tea farms, by digging ditches, plowing soils, and using organic fertilizers for years, we focus on giving its soils sufficient nutrients to support the tea trees growing The fertilization of using soy milk and dehydrated milk fermented by probiotics , helps tea leaves grow stronger and fragrantly aromatic. Each tealeaf produces juicy-green appearance mixed with yellowish luster during brewing process. Tea tasters are able to sense the smooth and sweet flavor and remember aftertaste fragrance.