The Xie family from Taiwan brings you the finest tea-drinking experience. Take a moment to relax and enjoy their unique range of luxury teas. By repeating the family name twice and saying “XIE XIE” you are in fact saying “Thank you” in Mandarin.

Imagine lush tea bushes in the highest mountains of far-off Formosa… XIE XIE teas bring together hundred-years of expertise in growing and hand-picking the finest oolong teas. Actually, XIE XIE only uses the best part of the plant - the very tip and two upper-most leaves – to create an unforgettable range of unique and aromatic journeys. Indulge yourself in flavours that combine the wisdom of ancients with contemporary exoticism.

XIE XIE  FormosaTea Salon at Mandarin Oriental Taipei - The Arcade

XIE XIE  Formosa Tea Salon 

Inspired by traditional tea ceremonies, at XIE XIE we blend the simplicity and purity of environment with a rich and fulfilling experience. We invite you to take time to share these precious moments. Allow yourself to indulge in the intimate flavours of one of our delicious Oolong teas. Every element has been carefully considered to instil a XIE XIE sense of balance and serenity.